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Ensuring the functionality of smoke and heat detectors is a critical aspect of fire safety, but the task can often be challenging. Enter our lineup of testing kits – a suite of solutions designed to simplify and enhance the testing process. With the ability to service detectors up to 30 feet in height, these kits are an essential part of a complete testing regimen.

Testing smoke and heat detectors is a vital aspect of fire and life safety yet it can be a complex endeavour. Our testing and inspection kits are engineered to provide an effortless and secure solution for your team, making the process both efficient and reliable.

Key Features and Benefits:

Comprehensive Kit Inclusions:

The Testifire inspection kits come complete with a range of essential tools, including a multi-device detection tool, access pole, telescoping extension pole, universal detector removal tool, storage bag, smoke capsule, CO capsule (depending on the kit), batteries, and a battery charger. The kit contents vary based on your specific needs and the height of the detectors being tested.

Versatility in Testing:

The Testifire 1001 and 2001 detection testers set a new industry standard by offering multi-stimulus testing. These UL-certified testers are endorsed by leading global detection manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with systems that sense singular or multiple stimulus inputs.

Expandability and Durability:

Components within the Testifire kits are available for individual sale, allowing for kit expansion or replacement. The SOLO telescoping access poles, crafted from certified non-conductive material, offer safety and ease when reaching overhead.

Enhanced Detector Removal:

The SOLO 200 Universal Fire Detector Removal tool adapts to a range of detector sizes and shapes, enhancing installation and removal procedures and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Expand  Your Capabilities:

With the Solo 823 Smoke and Heat testing kit you can test and remove smoke and heat detectors that are up to 9.3 meters (30 feet) high. The Solo 461 cordless heat detector tester adds precision by delivering heat directly to the sensor, compatible with various detector types.

Contact us now to explore our testifire lineup, solo testing kits, and fire alarm testing equipment. With these solutions, you can ensure detection systems are operating at their best.

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  1. Testifire CO Capsule 3 pack

    sku: TC3
  2. SOLO 365 Lithium Battery

    sku: SOLO370
  3. SOLO 365 Electronic Detector Tester

    sku: SOLO365
  4. SOLO808 Smoke Starter Kit -12 ft.

    sku: SOLO808
  5. SOLO809 Smoke Starter Kit -20ft

    sku: SOLO809
  6. SOLO Heat Detector Tester Kit - SOLO461

    sku: SOLO461
    Special Price CA$1,895.00 Regular Price CA$2,132.70
  7. Trutest Aerosol Canister - SMOKE400

    sku: SMOKE400
    Special Price CA$51.00 Regular Price CA$67.65
  8. M8 Smoke Centurion 2.6 oz Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester

    sku: M8CENTURION
    Special Price CA$12.95 Regular Price CA$17.10
  9. 4.8 oz SOLO Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester (non Flammable)

    sku: SOLOA10
    Special Price CA$38.00 Regular Price CA$42.30
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