CSA First Aid Kits

Effective January 1, 2020, the WSIB now accepts the CSA Z1220-17 First aid kits for the workplace.

To meet the Regulation 1101 first aid obligations under WSIA, workplaces have the option of supplying the Regulation 1101 First aid kit requirements or CSA Z1220-17 First aid kits for the workplace.

This change allows for collaboration of workplace occupational health and safety practices and requirements across all Canadian provinces and territories, which makes meeting regulatory requirements simpler and easier, especially for employers that operate across multiple jurisdictions. It eliminates duplication of efforts and can have a positive impact on workplace health and safety.

The CSA standard, First Aid Kits for the Workplace, provides general requirements for workplace first aid kits, specifies a classification system for the kits, and sets minimum requirements for their contents based on their classification. It also provides requirements for the selection of kits based on various workplace environments, for their containers and the marking of containers, and for ongoing maintenance. See the downloadable Guideline for First Aid Kit Selection and Use PDF on each CSA first aid kit product page.

  • Type 1: Personal First Aid Kit. An organization shall provide a Type 1 personal first aid kit to all workers who work in isolation or those who do not otherwise have access to a workplace first aid kit.
  • Type 2: Basic First Aid Kit; Small, Medium or Large. A Type 2 basic workplace first aid kit is suitable for most workplaces with a low-risk work environment. A basic first aid kit contains the minimum content requirements for each of the three sizes of Type 2: small, medium, large and is based on the number of workers at the workplace per shift.
  • Type 3: Intermediate First Aid Kit; Small, Medium or Large. An intermediate first aid kit is suitable for workplaces with higher-risk level work environments. A Type 3 kit contains all of the items in a Type 2 kit in accordance with CSA requirements plus additional items to meet the needs of workplaces with an increased risk of first aid events in a higher-risk environment.

Browse our selection of Ontario & Specialty First Aid Kits and CSA First Aid Kits to find the Type and size that's right for your facility or contact our sales team atsales@herbertwilliams.comand we'll help you find what you need.

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