Smoke Detectors

Initiation devices are those that detect and notify the fire alarm system of the presence of fire, smoke, heat, gas etc… depending on the nature of the potential hazard. Smoke detectors are specific detection devices in a fire alarm system and when installed properly, can even detect smoke and alert the presence of a dangerous situation long before it is visible to the naked eye. 

Smoke detectors are available in addressable and conventional models for use throughout a building and are also available for smoke detection in ventilation, heating or exhaust ducts. They employ the latest in photoelectric technology where their optical sensing has been engineered to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources in accordance with changing codes and standards. 

In addition, Herbert Williams offers a range of accessories, and maintenance supplies to protect devices and ensure they are operating at their peak. 

If you need help finding the proper smoke detector compatible with your fire alarm system or have questions about fire protection systems, contact our professional sales team today.   

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  1. M8 Smoke Centurion 2.6 oz Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester

    sku: M8CENTURION
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  2. Smoke Detector Conventional 2/24V 2 Wire Series Smoke Detector with Plug in Base

    sku: C2W-BA
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