Testifire Device Testing Kits

Testing and inspecting smoke and heat detectors can be challenging. The Testifire lineup of kits make the testing of these devices easy and safe for your team. All detectors, up to 30 feet in height, are able to be serviced with the Testifire inspection kits.

Included within the kit is a multi-device detection tool, access pole, telescoping extension pole, universal detector removal tool, storage bag, smoke capsule, CO capsule (depending on the kit), two batteries, and a battery charger. Depending on the kit needed, the contents of the kit will differ. The main difference in the kits is what devices you are testing and the height you can access with the kit.

  • TF1851: Able to test smoke and heat detectors up to 7.3 meters (24 feet).

  • TF2851: Able to test smoke, heat, and CO detectors up to 7.3 meters (24 feet).

  • TF1823: Able to test smoke and heat detectors up to 9.1 meters (30 feet).

  • TF2823: Able to test smoke, heat, and CO detectors up to 9.1 meters (30 feet).

Both the Testifire 1001 and 2001 detection testers are world-first multi-stimulus detector testers. They allow for quicker and more efficient testing than that of previous detection systems. They are compatible to test detection systems that sense singular or multiple stimulus inputs. They are both UL-certified testers and are approved by leading global detection manufacturers.

The components that accompany the Testifire detection tester within the kit are available for individual sale, allowing for the expansion or replacement of your Testifire kit. The SOLO telescoping access poles are lightweight and designed for easy use when reaching overhead. SOLO poles are also made from a certified non-conductive material that provides protection from live currents if contact is made.

The SOLO 200 Universal Fire Detector Removal tool is made to adapt to a variety of detector sizes and shapes. Colour-coded heads are used to smoothly rotate the detector from its installed positions and can also be used to install detectors. The SOLO 200 features a limited lifetime warranty.

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