Type II Safety Cans

When you need a safe, leak-proof, and secure container for the storage or transportation of solvents or other combustible liquids, high-quality and reliable Eagle and Justrite galvanized steel safety cans are what you need. Type II safety cans differ from Type I safety cans in that they have a separate filling and a separate pouring spout.

Eagle and Justrite Type II gas cans help to minimize the danger of an explosion by allowing the dispensing of flammable liquids through a flexible pour spout. They employ flame arrestor in both openings made from non-sparking brass for safer filling and pouring.

Safety gas cans range is capacity from 1 GAL, 2 GAL, 2.5 GAL up to 5 GAL in are available in the following colours: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Justrite Type 2 safety cans and Eagle Type 2 safety cans meet NFPA Code 30, OSHA requirements and are FM Approved, as well as UL and ULC certified.


Designed with a convenient spring-operated trigger release, these gas cans are easy to use. Their heavy-duty, powder coated steel construction along with reinforcing ribs to fortify sidewalls make them tough and long-lasting.


View our broad selection of safety cans or get in touch with our team if you have any questions. Also, browse our selection of type I gas cans to find what you’re looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions About Type II Safety Gas Cans:

In-Stock: Orders made before 12:00 PM EST ship same day via our carrier network. Non-Stock: Orders may have to meet a minimum order quantity set by manufacturers. Some items may require a minimum of 10 business days to be shipped directly to your address. Delivery Options: Choose from Dock-to-Dock, or Dock-to-Door with additional options that include, Tailgate Required, Appointment Required, or Inside Delivery Required. Rush Orders and Special Instructions will be charged as Extra Freight at our discretion. Tracking and Questions: Reach out to us at info@herbertwilliams.com for questions about your order status. Always include your order number.

Herbert Williams Fire Equipment carries many Type II safety cans in order to suit a wide range of applications and budgets. Choose from less expensive safety gas cans in the most common one and two-gallon sizes to more expensive safety cans that include integrated roll bars for protection, links to prevent vapour release and spills during transport, and hold-down brackets.

Both Type I and Type II gas cans are used to store flammable liquids in a safe manner that follows OSHA regulations; however, they have a few key differences. With Type I safety gas cans, you only have single opening to fill and dispense liquids. There is no integrated spout; you must use a funnel to prevent fuel spills. Type II gas cans have two different openings specifically for filling and dispensing.  Type II cans usually have flexible spout that make fuel dispensing easier and are less likely to result in spills.

Type II steel safety gas cans come in a wide range of sizes, including 1 GAL, 2 GAL, 2.5 GAL, and 5 GAL capacities. Whether you’re storing and transporting gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or oils, it’s easy to find a size that’s perfect for your job site.

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