Safety Snap Cap for Gas Cylinders

Justrite Manufacturing Safety Snap Caps protect compressed gas cylinder valves from impact damage and secure the contents of your cylinder from theft.

Our gas cylinder caps are designed to fit most gas cylinders throughout North America.

Thread the cap onto your cylinder and attach the regulator. When the cylinder safety cap is snapped shut, you can attach the included brass padlock to prevent anyone without a key from being able to turn on the valve. Simply unlock and flip the cap open to reveal the valve handle to use the cylinder.

Designed for an efficient workflow, it’s not necessary to remove the gas cylinder cap and replace the regulator every time you need to put the cylinder in use. Flip up to use the gas cylinder and snap down to put the cylinder into protection mode. Lock the cap to prevent unauthorized access to the valve.

Justrite cylinder caps have a welded steel construction and are powder coated in a durable, high visibility yellow. Robust construction and a heavy-duty finish mean you can expect your gas cylinder caps to have a long lifecycle before needing replacement.

Choose from a variety of cylinder caps, including fine thread caps for both high and low-pressure gas cylinders, and coarse thread caps for high and low-pressure compressed gas cylinders. These caps comply with OSHA, NFPA1, NFPA 55 and DOT standards.

Check out the full line of Herbert Williams cylinder safety storage equipment. Our friendly, experienced team welcomes any questions you have about safety equipment options.

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