Fire Extinguisher Signs

Fire extinguisher signage is important in an array of environments for both regulatory compliance and safety improvement. A fire extinguisher sign will help workers or emergency personnel locate an extinguisher as quickly as possible. Proper fire extinguisher signage can also help to foster a positive safety culture in the workplace. Extinguisher signs are suitable for use in most facilities including warehouses, factories, office buildings, conference centers, and more.

We offer a broad range of signage including fire extinguisher arrow signs, K-class signs, fire extinguisher wall signs, and “in case of fire” signs. Our range features both vinyl self-adhesive and rigid plastic signs, and includes multiple sizes and styles, for example, double-sided perpendicular wall mount options. Adhesive signs are silk screened with UV ink, and a clear laminate coating ensures fade resistance and durability.

The signs we offer are from Nosredna Fire Products, a company renowned for its commitment to safety and high quality standards. All fire extinguisher signs are easy to install and are highly durable. Select products include bilingual (English and French) text.

View our selection of fire extinguisher signage and other fire safety equipment. Contact us today to have a team member help you make the right choice for your needs.

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  1. 4" X 12" 3D Rigid Plastic Fire Extinguisher Sign

    sku: LPI-RPAS108
    Special Price CA$8.95 Regular Price CA$13.50
  2. Fire Extinguisher Inside -Self Adhesive 4"x 4"

    sku: NL105
    Special Price CA$2.75 Regular Price CA$3.25
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