IP Surveillance System Kits

Security cameras no longer require technicians to install them, monthly fees, or complex wiring systems - HiLook by HIKVISION is here to bring you high performance home or small business security surveillance systems at an affordable price. These entry level surveillance security kits provide you with all you need to begin your small surveillance monitoring setup.

Once the surveillance system is installed and ready to operate, simply open your HiLookVision app on a PC or mobile device to monitor live-views, video recordings, remote search, playback, file backup, scheduled storage, and alarm management. The HiLookVision app allows you to monitor your security system from anywhere you can access the internet.

The kits we provide allow you to build the perfect home or business surveillance system that fits your needs. Our HiLook security cameras are 4K HD, 4x the video quality of 1080p, and are built to endure tough conditions, both wet and dusty, thanks to their IP67 water resistant rating. Exceptional quality recordings can be captured both day and night using infrared technology that can record clear video footage up to 30 meters away.

Installing a HiLook home security system has never been easier thanks to its PoE technology, where the cameras receive power and transmit video through a single ethernet cable. The ethernet cables provided in the HiLook kits will allow you to install cameras nearly anywhere you need to within your home or small business.

The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the hub of your surveillance system - this is the point within the system where all the camera feeds are transferred into the hard drive. There are two NVR kit options to choose from: a 4-port NVR, or an 8-port NVR. The 4-port NVR is a complete kit, coming with 4 cameras. The 8-port NVR is an expandable kit that comes with 6 cameras, along with two more available ports that can be used with any type of HiLook camera of your choosing in order to customize your security system. The HiLook NVR supports multiple Video Content Analytics (VCA) events, such as the detection of line crossing, motion, intrusion, heat mapping, ANPR, and people counting.

A surveillance system is not complete without a specialized Hard Disk Drive or HDD. The HDD provided in the HiLook kits is engineered specifically for surveillance purposes, since a typical HDD is not designed to operate 24/7 like a surveillance-specific HDD, and may fail.

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  1. Hilook 16-CH 4K Network Video Recorder (NVR)

    sku: NVR-216MH-C16P
  2. Hilook 8-CH 4K Network Video Recorder (NVR)

    sku: NVR-208MH-C8P
  3. Hilook 4-CH 4K Network Video Recorder (NVR)

    sku: NVR-104MH-C4P
  4. Hilook 4K IP PoE KIT with 6 x 8-Megapixel Cameras

    sku: IK-6288TH-MHPCA

    sku: LB-TWKIT2Q
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