RIGID-LOCK Quickberm

Keep operations streamlined, safe, and hassle-free with user-friendly spill containment solutions.

Herbert Williams carries six sizes of the popular Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® portable spill berms in black and high-visibility yellow. Made of durable PVC-coated geomembrane fabric and stainless steel brace supports, the low-profile design allows you to use 100% of the sump area for pallet and drum storage. The single-piece construction eliminates obstructions and tripping hazards inside and outside the berm. A single tug triggers deployment, locking supports at a 90° angle to the floor.

Each Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is rugged enough to handle a wide range of petrochemicals, including petroleum products, many acids, oils, and grease. The radio-frequency welded and reinforced CriticalCorner™ design keeps the corners from sagging or collapsing during full containment. Sidewalls feature a 1-inch fray-resistant nylon hem with integral anchoring holes capable of securing the berm in winds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Justrite Rigid-Lock QuickBerms are black-on-yellow and come in six different sizes with the following dimensions:

When laid flat, Rigid Lock Quick Berms can handle vehicle weights greater than 11,000 lbs per tire, and should a driver damage the berm by driving in or out without lowering the wall, the stainless steel sidewall supports are easily replaceable. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm system offers reliable, heavy-duty spill containment for drums, tanks, and IBC totes.

Explore our selection of spill berms; if you have any questions about a particular portable containment berm, the Herbert Williams sales team is always happy to answer any questions you may have at sales@herbertwilliams.com.

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  1. 8' x 8' x 12", 475 Gallon Spill Capacity, Drive Over Berm, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®, Black

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  2. 10' x 10' x 12", 745 Gallon Spill Capacity, Drive Over Berm, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®, Black

    sku: 28519
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