Air Horn Emergency Alarm Stations

Lightweight, handheld Emergency Air Horns provide the audibility of a portable alarm system by sending an emergency signal when you need to alert or call attention to a situation.

A powerful, piercing blast sends an emergency signal for help. The number of blasts per horn can depend on the length of the blast, the temperature and the altitude where you are using the horn.

Emergency air horns can be housed within a wall-mountable Alarm Station and can be replenished after use with replacement refills. Browse our selection of emergency air horns to find what you need or contact our sales team atsales@herbertwilliams.comfor assistance.

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  1. Emergency Air Horn Alarm Station c/w Air Horn 5 oz

    sku: 620005
    Special Price CA$157.00 Regular Price CA$265.00
  2. Emergency Alarm Station for Air Horn

    sku: 630010
    Special Price CA$150.00 Regular Price CA$220.00
  3. Non Flammable Air Horn -142g (5 oz)

    sku: 46700
    Special Price CA$16.50 Regular Price CA$22.00
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