Fire Blankets

Fire blankets serve a number of purposes, including smothering or containing fires, preventing small fires from expanding into other parts of the building, and also providing a protective shield as you make your way to safety. A fire blanket works by cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply and smothering it until it goes out.

Generously sized to accommodate an adult, this fire safety blanket measures 6 feet x 4 feet and is stored in a bright red thermoplastic container that can be wall mounted. Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1000° F, the fireproof blanket is constructed of two layers of woven fibreglass and an inner layer of fire retardant coating. At 24 square feet, large fire safety blankets are big enough to handle clothing fires, but not so heavy that they’re hard to maneuver or wrap around the body.

Its low-profile storage case and rapid deployment make this product ideal for use in close quarters. Simply pull the two quick-release pull tabs on the bottom of the emergency fire blanket storage case to release the fire safety blanket in seconds - perfect for institutions, commercial kitchens, and marine applications.

Remember, fibreglass fire safety blankets can irritate bare skin, so take care to use tabs when you can. Kitchen grease and oil fires may be smothered using heavy-duty fire blankets, but care must be taken not to remove the blanket until the oil or fat has cooled below the flash point, or you run the risk of re-ignition when the blanket is removed.

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