Drain Covers

When a spill of a hazardous or listed material occurs, you, as the manufacturer or seller of the product, have certain responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the prevention of any contaminating material from entering the sewer or groundwater systems. Having the means at hand to prevent contaminants from entering floor drains is a critical part of spill containment strategies.

Chemical resistant drain covers and drain dams are integral parts of a spill containment strategy. Herbert Williams offers a variety of options for your spill containment and mitigation plans. Many of Herbert Williams’ spill kits contain one or more of these floor drain covers as part of the spill response equipment.

Drain covers seal floor drains to prevent spilled materials from entering the drainage system. This keeps the contaminants from entering the sewer system or the water system. Herbert Williams offers a variety of sizes so you can customize your spill response to the size of drains in your facility. Sizes range from 18 x 18 inches to 48 x 48 inches.

Drain dams help curb the flow of spilled materials where you have curb drains. These absorbent dams insert into the drain to help prevent the flow of debris and sediment into the drainage system. StormNEST™ drain dams by EAGLE can be fitted with oil absorbent inserts where necessary.

All the floor drain covers offered by Herbert Williams are manufactured of chemical-resistant materials. The floor drain covers are flexible for easy folding and storage. Most of the floor drain covers are washable and reusable. Many come in bright red to help quickly locate and identify protected drains.

Choose the appropriate products for your spill and leak control needs. If you need more help, contact a member of our sales staff at sales@herbertwilliams.com for expert advice and help.

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