Gas Cylinder Barricade Racks

Gas cylinder storage racks provide safe and organized storage for bulk cylinders. Stored improperly, compressed gas cylinders become vulnerable to damage and possible leaks and sudden depressurization that can cause the cylinder to become a missile-like projectile strong enough to blast through concrete block walls. The key to a safe workplace is maintaining your equipment and materials according to OSHA, NFP, NFPA 55, and CGA standards.

Compressed gas cylinders are used in a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and medical laboratories. Important safe storage practices include maintaining a well-ventilated storage area that’s uncluttered, providing fire extinguishing equipment, protecting cylinders from ignition sources, and preventing vertically stored cylinders from falling over

Justrite Manufacturing gas cylinder storage rack helps you keep your storage area safe and in compliance. Each rack is made of continuously seam welded square steel structural tubing that’s powder-coated for maximum protection and equipped with two levels of welded steel chain to prevent cylinders from falling. Pre-drilled mounting holes increase stability and can be made ready for seismic installations with the addition of Model S5350 S4-rated anchor bolts.

Our gas cylinder barricade rack selection accommodates a wide range of capacities. Modular construction lets you start with a gas cylinder rack as simple as a one by two rack and expand to handle 15 cylinders in one rack.

Valve caps are also key to protecting your compressed gas cylinders. Browse our extensive safety and gas cylinder storage equipment selection for solutions or talk to one of our knowledgeable sales reps to figure out the right option for your site.

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