Cartridge Operated

When it comes to rugged, durable, reliable fire protection Ansul RED LINE Cartridge Fire Extinguishers can’t be overlooked. Unlike stored pressure extinguishers, a cartridge operated fire extinguisher stores the dry chemical in a non-pressurized cylinder.

The propellant (CO2 or nitrogen) is stored in a separate cartridge. They are commonly used in the oil and gas, mining and transportation industries, as well as marine environments or anywhere there is chemical storage. Cartridge-operated extinguishers come in a variety of options, including:

  • ABC-rated
  • Purple K
  • BC-rated
  • Class D

These units are field rechargeable, meaning they can be serviced onsite in the event of discharge or use. We carry a selection of Ansul Redline fire extinguishers in the following sizes; 5 LB, 10 LB, 20 LB and 30 Lbs. Each Ansul Redline fire extinguisher meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/UL 299 and 711 and allows for simple and safe operation. Depending on the type of fire risks your business faces, a different style of cartridge extinguisher will be right for you. Call us today so we can discuss your options and help you choose the extinguisher and fire extinguisher accessories to meet your needs.



Orders placed for in-stock Ansul Redline cartridge fire extinguishers ship same day if ordered before 12:00 PM EST. If a non-stock item is ordered, you may need to order a minimum required quantity, and some items may take at least 10 business days to be shipped to your address. We offer Dock-to-Dock and Dock-to-Door delivery options. Our Dock-to-Door delivery option can be tailored for special deliveries that require tailgates, appointments, or inside delivery. Questions about shipping or tracking? Reach out to us at with your order number and we can help.

Cartridge fire extinguishers have a moderately high base price. Small cartridges start at 5LB, while larger cartridge extinguishers go up to 30LB. All of these models are handheld, portable units.

A cartridge type fire extinguisher can be used in harsh or remote environments where servicing or recharging by a third party is not possible. They are particularly used in the oil and gas, mining, railroad and marine industries. Cartridge extinguishers come in number of models including ABC-rated, BC-rated, Class D, and Purple K.

A stored pressure fire extinguisher contains a single cylinder for both the propellant and the suppression agent. Meanwhile, a cartridge type cylinder has two separate compartments, one storing the propellant and the other storing the powder or suppression agent. Cartridge cylinders are more durable, and perform well in low temperatures or when stored in adverse conditions.

There are four different types of cartridge extinguishers that are available for sale. ABC-rated cartridge extinguishers contain a dry powder agent,and are used for Class A, B and C fires. BC-rated cartridge extinguishers feature a dry powder for Class B and C fires. Purple K cartridge extinguishers contain a high-performance dry-chemical agent, and are used for Class B and C fires. Lastly, D rated cartridge fire extinguishers are used for Class D fire suppression.

Unlike a stored pressure extinguisher, a cartridge extinguisher requires another step during its use in the suppression of a fire. Since the propellant and the agent are stored separately, the propellant cylinder must first be punctured in order to pressurize the system. After this point, you can follow the PASS method.

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