Granular Absorbents

One of the key components of any spill kit or containment plan is the absorbent your using. These materials offer a safe means of controlling, handling, and disposing of a wide variety of hazardous materials. Replenishing the absorbents in your spill kit after use should be a priority.

Herbert Williams offers a variety of absorbent materials for use in almost any situation. Maintaining a supply of absorbents for emergency use or as replenishment supplies should be part of your leak and spill containment plan.

Among the absorbents we carry is MultiZorb™. This absorbent is a mineral-based product that contains volcanic shale to lock up spilled material quickly and efficiently. The unique properties of this material prevent absorbed material from oozing or being pressured out once absorbed.

Qualisorb Gold™ is non-toxic and non-corrosive for safe application and use. This material is useable with all materials including oil, grease, brake fluid and more. Qualisorb is useable for both water and oily substances. Floors are left clean and dry after the use.

For water and oil-based spills and leaks, you can choose Oil-Dri All Purpose Absorbent. This product uses a proprietary mix of materials to create fast and efficient absorbent compound.

Oil-Dri comes bagged in 40-pound sacks and packed fifty bags to a pallet. This makes handling and storing these absorbents convenient in most situations. If you anticipate or plan for large spills, having an adequate supply of the proper absorbent material on hand is vital.

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