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Safety cans and containers are an important part of any business. They are used for the proper storing and dispensing of flammable liquids, allow for the safe and secure storage of combustible rags and cloths, and are necessary for the sanitary disposal of cigarette butts. They help keep employees and property safe by preventing fires, explosions, or spills when it comes to handling flammable liquids and combustible materials.

There are two types of safety cans for flammable liquids: Type I and Type II. Type I safety cans have one opening which is used for both filling and dispensing. Some models include a funnel which makes it easier when pouring into smaller containers. Type II safety сans have 2 separate openings: one for filling and one for dispensing. Dispensing is precise with Type II safety cans as they use a flexible stainless steel hose for pouring. Justrite Type II safety cans feature the convenience of their AccuFlow system and a Safe-Squeeze trigger providing controlled and even pouring. This feature allows you to regulate the flow rate of the flammable liquid as it is poured from a flexible metal hose.

Included in our selection of safety cans and containers is a number of dispensing cans and waste cans/receptacles along with a wide range of safety can accessories including polyethylene funnels, benchtop cans, and flexible hoses.

If you are looking for smoker receptacles , here you’ll find a variety of styles, colours and sizes along with the necessary anchoring cables an replacement liner bags.

Trust Herbert Williams for all of the safety cans, containers, receptacles, and accessories you need to keep your employees and customers safe, while also ensuring your business is up to code. Browse our selection of safety storage equipment to find what you’re looking for or give us a call today and we would be happy to help.



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Our diverse selection of safety gas cans includes a range of sizes, applications and price points designed to meet your needs and fit your budget. Our affordable safety gas cans offer you everything from inexpensive 2 QT cans to more expensive 5 GAL units with flame arresters and heavy-duty roll bars for protection. Ask us about our discounts for bulk purchases.

Herbert Williams Fire Equipment carry reliable, high-quality steel safety gas cans from Eagle Manufacturing and JUSTRITE Manufacturing.

While plastic safety gas cans are lighter and often less expensive than their metal counterparts in the short term, they are less durable and need replacing more often in the long term. Metal gas cans, on the other hand, with their long lifespan are an environmentally friendlier option, handle extreme temperatures better, and stand up to harsh environments well.

Both Type I and Type II safety gas cans can be used to store and transport gasoline and other flammable liquids safely. However, there are important differences between the two: Type I safety gas cans have a single opening to fill and dispense liquids. Typically, it’s best to use a funnel to dispense the contents of from a Type 1 gas can safely. Type II safety gas cans have two different openings specifically for to filling and dispensing. They usually come with an attached, flexible hose for precise, no-spill fuel delivery, and the fill opening acts as a vent while pouring fuel.

Safety gas cans come in different colours to indicate the nature of their contents. Red gas cans are the most commonly found and are used to store and transport flammable liquids such as gasoline. Yellow gas cans are used for diesel fuel. Blue gas cans are for storing kerosene or jet fuel. Green safety cans are used to store oils.

OSHA-approved gas cans meet strictly defined safety parameters and are often required on your job site. OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.152(a)(1) specifically says that you can only use OSHA or Department of Transportation-approved containers to store, handle, and transport flammable and combustible liquids in quantities of 5 gallons or less. Approved safety gas cans are 5 gallons or smaller, and have a flash arresting screen, a spring closed lid, a spout cover, and a venting system that allows them to safely release internal pressure when exposed to fire. An approved safety gas can must be certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. In Canada that certification is provided by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada – and as such must be “ULC Listed”.

OSHA allows both plastic and metal safety gas cans, although plastic safety cans are likely to have a shorter life expectancy than metal gas cans. Regardless of what they’re made of, safety gas cans must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards for storing and handling flammable liquids. Plastic or metal gas cans must be listed or approved by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) or the Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation (FM Approved). OSHA-approved safety gas cans must be 5 gallons or less and include a flash arresting screen that prevents the container from combusting when exposed to fire. They must also seal properly with a spring-closing lid, an automatically closing spout, a child-proof cap, and have a venting system.

JUSTRITE Safety Group has 11 manufacturing facilities across the U.S.A. where they make a wide variety of safety products, including safety gas cans.

Eagle Manufacturing is a part of the JUSTRITE Safety Group, and its products are made in the U.S.A.

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