Corner & Wall Protectors

Wall corner protectors and wall guards help to minimize the risk of costly damage to walls as a result of contact with hand trucks, forklifts or trucks. Wall corner protectors provide a cushion layer that absorbs the energy of an impact, helping maintain the structural integrity of the wall and preventing damage to vehicles. The highly-visible colour of these corner wall protectors further aids in safety awareness.

We carry Eagle wall corner protectors in both 21” and 42” high sizes. Eagle wall protectors are 42” in height and come in 6” or 8” widths. Wall guards can be installed at loading docks, in door frames, on wall corners or on machine ends and racks. They are ideal for warehouses, parking garages or any place where there is a large degree of traffic and activity. Corner protectors come in sets of two and can be easily installed with bolts or straps (not included). All plastic corner guards and wall protectors come in a high-visibility yellow color.

Eagle Manufacturing is well-known for providing excellent craftsmanship and unmatched value. Wall and corner protectors are constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which never needs painting and is resistant to chipping and cracking. Durable, energy-absorbing construction ensures your walls are extremely well protected.

Check out our range of industrial wall corner protectors and other industrial safety products. Please give us a call if you need any help in selecting the right protection equipment.

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