A digital security system requires more than just cameras to operate - Network Video Recorders and Hard Drives are also required to transmit and store the video recorded by the cameras. Here at Herbert Williams, we offer the highest quality of video recorders and Hard Drives, specifically designed to operate in surveillance systems.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are the connection point for all of the security cameras in a security system. The job of an NVR is to compress and store the video footage it receives from the cameras in a security system. The NVR receives video footage through the ethernet cable connected to the camera; the number of ports an NVR has equals the amount of cameras that are able to be hooked up to that NVR. For example, a 12-port NVR has the capability to support 12 cameras.

HiLook NVRs are relied on and trusted by professionals. They are able to compress H.265+ video footage into a format that will reduce storage space by up to 75%. HiLook NVRs use SATA connections to provide seamless communication between themselves and the hard drive used to store the video footage. The Smart Function on the HiLook NVR allows for recording configurations in order to support multiple Video Content Analytics (VCA) such as motion, line crossing, and intrusion, as well as features such as heat mapping, ANPR, and people counting.

The HiLook NVR requires at least one hard drive to be used for storing video footage. Not all hard drives are capable of operating at the capacity of a surveillance system, which is why we only offer the Western Digital Purple Surveillance HDD, specifically engineered for surveillance purposes.

A typical desktop hard drive is designed to operate at short intervals, not the demanding 24/7 environment of HD surveillance recording. However, Western Digital (WD) provides a state of the art Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that sets the standard for surveillance recording. The WD Purple HDD features AllFrame technology which improves ATA streaming, reduces frame loss, and improves overall video playback. The workload rating of the Purple HDD is three times that of a typical HDD found at home, and the Purple HDD is built with tarnish-resistant components, meaning it can provide reliable operation in harsh environments.

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