Gas Cylinder Handling Equipment

Storing, handling, and moving compressed gas cylinders can be challenging, awkward and even dangerous without the proper equipment, some of which includes single-cylinder hand trucks, carts and gas cylinder racks and stands. Without this equipment, it is not only far more difficult to move or store gas cylinders, but it also means they can pose a greater safety risk to you and your team.

Consult the fire code in your region for specific details on storing flammable gas cylinders on your property. Storing compressed gas cylinders in dry, well-ventilated areas is always important. In addition, they should be kept away from hallways, doors, aisles, and stairs, as well as out of direct sunlight. If you store these products outdoors, you will also need to ensure they are placed on a fireproof surface in tamper-proof containers. With the help of the safety storage equipment we offer, you can help make the workplace safer protecting your employees and your property. The importance of compressed gas storage cannot be overstated, and Herbert Williams is proud to offer you a wide range of gas storage products you need for compliance, safety, and peace of mind.

  • Compressed gas cylinder storage cabinets (including propane cylinder storage)
  • Gas cylinder handling equipment
  • Gas cylinder racks and stands

Browse our selection of gas cylinder storage and handling equipment or contact our sales team atsales@herbertwilliams.comand we'll help you find the best equipment for your business.

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  1. 10 Cylinder Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Locker 72 x 31 x 42 Yellow

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  2. Single Cylinder Hand Truck, 10.5 Inch Pneumatic Wheels

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