Haz-Warning Tape

Haz-Warning Tape is effective in bringing attention to building occupants of a potential hazard in their immediate environment. Whether in a workplace setting, public space or residential building, notifying people of a potential danger is an important part of life safety protocol.

Green/White Hazard- Areas that are related to first aid or may be defined by the end user.

Red/White Hazard – Areas to be kept clear for safety reasons.

Yellow/Black Hazard- Area which presents physical or health risks to employees.

White/Black hazard – Area to be kept clear for operational purposes.

Haz-Warning tape can be effective in a variety of environments including: warehouses, factories, retail stores and public gatherings. The vibrant and contrasting colour combinations available have been selected for their high visibility, making them effective in alerting employees and visitors to specific zones and potential hazards. Additionally, this tape is resistant to wear, water, and chemicals, making it suitable for a range of industrial conditions.

To find the right Haz-Warning tape for your business, call with any questions, request a quote, or place your order online today.

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