SpillNest Berm with Removable Sidewalls

Herbert Williams offers a diverse selection of spill containment solutions, including spillnest berms from Eagle Manufacturing. Engineered from XR5 coated vinyl fabric, these versatile secondary spill containment solutions are designed to withstand harsh chemicals such as 50% nitric acid, kerosene, oils, and fuels. They handle moderate to heavy traffic, indoors or out, and temperatures as low as -30F.

The standard Eagle SpillNEST™ Berm with removable sidewalls is easy to assemble and easier to use. Thanks to its bi-directional air relief system and high-strength connections, you can automatically enter or exit the berm from any angle without damaging the foam logs.

The walls are tall enough to contain drips, leaks, or catastrophic spills readily while also short enough to make it easy to get containers and equipment on and off the berm. If not needed, berms with removable sidewalls can be folded up and stacked out of the way for your convenience.

These berms are available in three versions to meet any job site need or budget – Economy, Standard, and Heavy Duty. There are thirteen sizes to choose from. The standard version 12’ x 15’ x 4.5” berm with removable sidewalls is black, with a 505-gallon capacity.

Hazardous material spills pose a serious threat to the environment and your personnel. Protect your crew and comply with local and national regulations by having a spill containment plan that includes berms with removable sidewalls.

Browse our complete line of spill berms to find the ideal spill containment solution for your company. Reach out to the Herbert Williams sales team for questions and additional help finding accessories or replacement items at sales@herbertwilliams.com.

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