Fire Hose & Standpipe Equipment

Fire Hoses and Fire Hose Standpipe Equipment

Many commercial buildings are equipped with professional sprinkler systems. In fact, most cities, provinces and states mandate that structures of a certain construction type or specific types of business must, by law, have a sprinkler system installed. Understanding the importance of sprinkler systems will allow you to see why proper maintenance and testing is needed. It will also ensure that your sprinkler systems are installed, primed, and ready to go in your hour of need.

So, why should you care about sprinkler systems within your place of business? Here's a look at two key reasons why these fire safety systems are absolutely critical:

1) They Save Lives.

More than anything, the protection of life should always be the number one priority in any situation. When it comes to fire safety systems, nothing protects life more than a properly maintained automatic sprinkler system. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has stated that there has never been a record of more than two lives having been lost inside of a building where a full, automatic sprinkler system was in place that was well maintained. This single statistic perfectly illustrates their effectiveness.

2) Reduction of Potential Losses by 50%

The aftermath of a fire can be devastating to businesses, but sprinklers improve things dramatically. It has been discovered that, when paired with other early warning fire/life safety systems, automatic fire sprinklers are capable of reducing property damage, injuries, and death by more than 50%.

Businesses unprotected by sprinkler systems can literally burn to the ground. Even in cases where insurance covers the cost of rebuilding, the loss of patronage can sometimes be so devastating that the business never reopens.

They contain the problem before it rages out of control.

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, and flame detectors can all warn building occupants of a fire, but they can't do anything to contain the situation. As soon as an automatic sprinkler head is heated to a specific temperature, it will open and start deluging the flame with water and will not stop until the fire department turns off the water supply. This can completely suppress the fire before it has a chance to spread, or it can significantly slow down the spread of the flames, giving firefighters those precious moments often needed to save property and lives. In either case, it increases safety while decreasing property damage.

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