Plunger Safety Cans

A safety plunger can is essential when cleaning with volatile or flammable fluids. Justrite plunger cans for flammable liquids and chemicals allow you to moisten cleaning rags or cloths quickly and easily with a measured amount of liquid while reducing exposure to harmful vapors.

Plunger cans are easy to use. Simply push down on the pump assembly to fill the upper pan with liquid and then moisten your cleaning cloth. One of the best features of the safety plunger can is that surplus liquid will drain automatically and safely back into the reservoir of your safety can. This way, the entire volume of plunger solvent cans is used in an optimal way. For cleaning parts and components, you cannot beat the convenience and simplicity of Eagle plunger cans.

Instead of having an open can of chemicals and cleaning solvents, a quick and convenient pump on the plunger will bring the right amount up to the sponge or brush. Plunger cans and safety gas cans from Eagle and Justrite are available in multiple sizes and different colours, such as Red and Yellow depending on the application.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plunge Cans:

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Affordable smaller one pint (1/2 QT) and one QT plunger cans come with the same safety features that larger, slightly more expensive 2 or 4 QT units have - they just need to be filled more often. All cans feature perforated pan screens that act as flame arresters, brass pump assemblies, and depending on the model, solid High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or durable powder-coated steel reservoirs.

Plunger cans provide a more secure way to dispense combustible liquids. This method protects employees and the environment from spills while preserving waste due to evaporation and accidental knock overs. Each plunger can consists of a bottom reservoir to contain liquids, a brass pump, and an actuating plunger topped with a perforated tray. When depressed, the pump delivers a set amount of liquid to the bottom of the tray, automatically moistening the rag or sponge used to push down the plunger. Place a cleaning rag on the perforated tray, depress the plunger to dispense liquid, and remoisten the rag. This method avoids the spill hazard presented when using open containers of cleaning solvents and liquids. Overflow liquid drains back into the bottom reservoir, reducing waste.

Whether you’ve got a small cleanup or a big job, we’ve got a plunger can that’s sized just right for your needs. Browsing our selection, you’ll find compact 1 PT (1/2 QT) for small jobs, 1 QT and 2 QT plunger cans for medium-sized jobs, and 4 QT / 1 GAL plunger dispensing cans for larger jobs.

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