BC Fire Extinguishers (Dry Chemical) & Purple K Fire Extinguishers

BC fire extinguishers (dry chemical) are specifically designed for Class B and C fires. The extinguishing agent used is sodium bicarbonate. Purple K fire extinguishers are a high-performance version of class BC extinguishers that are extremely effective at knocking down fires. They use potassium bicarbonate as the extinguishing agent.

The specific use of BC & Purple K extinguishers make them an ideal choice for fire protection at:

  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Mining operations
  • Airports
  • Naval ships
  • Military facilities
  • Service stations

Class B fires include flammable liquids like gasoline and oil, as well as flammable gasses. Class C fires include those caused by and including energized electrical equipment, such as appliances, and computers. We offer a huge selection of BC fire extinguishers and Purple-K extinguishers, including options from Ansul and Strike First Corporation. Choose from 2.5 LB, 5 LB, 10 LB, 20 LB for BC extinguishers and 10LB and 20LB for PK fire extinguishers. Additionally, our extinguishers come with a limited six-year warranty and they are ULC listed.

Take a look at our vast selection of fire extinguishers to find the right choice for your business or contact us so we can help you choose.



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Our BC & Purple K Fire Extinguishers vary in price depending on size and model. We carry affordable options such as the 2.5 LB handheld fire extinguisher, as well as more expensive models that include 125 LB stored pressure wheeled fire extinguishers.

BC Fire Extinguishers are used for both Class B and C fires. Class B fires involve flammable liquids such as oil, alcohol, gasoline, and flammable gasses. Meanwhile, Class C fires are caused by energized electrical equipment appliances; these include fires related to power source connections, such as computers or appliances.

The two types of BC fire extinguishers are Dry Chemical extinguishers and Purple K fire extinguishers. Dry chemical extinguishers use sodium bicarbonate to extinguish Class B and C fires, and Purple-K extinguishers are higher-performance extinguishers that use potassium bicarbonate to extinguish fires more effectively.

No, Purple-K is a high-performance BC fire extinguisher that uses Potassium Bicarbonate to extinguish fires more effectively than a regular dry chemical extinguisher (sodium bicarbonate). It can be used for Class B: flammable liquids and gas fires, or Class C: energized electrical equipment fires.

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