Industrial Safety & Maintenance

Industrial Safety & Maintenance

To minimize risks, adhere to regulations, and create a positive safety culture, it’s important that your facility is well-equipped with industrial safety supplies. Items such as bollard posts, column and wall protectors, clearance bollards, and machine guards help protect buildings, walls, vehicles, and personnel.

And of course, Personal Protection Products (PPE) and safety signs are vital in protecting against personal injury and other risks.

Our vast range of industrial safety products include:

  • Metal bollard posts: Various sizes are available and caps can be purchased separately.
  • Poly bumper post sleeves: Sleeves come in an array of colors and sizes.
  • Traffic cones: These are available in several sizes and with one or two reflective collars.
  • Column protectors: These protect from damage by vehicles and come in a selection of colors and sizes.
  • Corner and wall protectors: Constructed of HDPE, protectors come in several styles and sizes.
  • Poly clearance bollard: We offer a selection of high-visibility bollards and clearance bars.
  • Poly ramps and parking stops: Our selection of ramps and stops will help you improve safety in parking lots, loading docks, and other areas.
  • Personal protection: Ensure personnel are kitted out with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). We offer emergency and first aid kits, eye wash stations, emergency escape leaders, fire blankets, and other important items.
  • Safety signs: Our extensive selection of safety signs ensures everyone knows exactly where to find equipment, exits, and other important locations. We stock tags, SDS-GHS signs, running man and exit signs, and safety awareness and compliance signs.

Browse our broad range of industrial safety equipment, including safety signs, PPE, and more. If you need assistance to find the right industrial safety products for your business, give us a call and a team member will be more than happy to help.

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    sku: FB64PC
    Special Price CA$42.50 Regular Price CA$86.70
  2. Emergency Air Horn Alarm Station c/w Air Horn 5 oz

    sku: 620005
    Special Price CA$185.00 Regular Price CA$265.00
  3. 8" Column Protector, Yellow

    sku: 1708
    Special Price CA$355.00 Regular Price CA$511.50
  4. Self-Contained, Portable Eye Wash Station, 10-Gallon, Gravity-Fed

    sku: 10GFEW
    Special Price CA$299.00 Regular Price CA$391.35
  5. AED (10" x 14") Self Adhesive

    sku: DFS147V
  6. SDS Center (24" x 36")

    sku: GHS1011
  7. 4" x 42" Round Bollard

    sku: 1744
    Special Price CA$175.00 Regular Price CA$379.00
  8. Non Flammable Air Horn -142g (5 oz)

    sku: 46700
    Special Price CA$15.00 Regular Price CA$22.00
  9. Two Story Emergency Escape ladder - 13 FT

    sku: HW2D
    Special Price CA$79.00 Regular Price CA$88.65
  10. STI Thermostat Protector with Key Lock, clear - STI-9105

    sku: STI-9105
    Special Price CA$27.50 Regular Price CA$32.99
  11. STI Thermostat Protector with Key Lock, clear - STI-9110

    sku: STI-9110
    Special Price CA$36.00 Regular Price CA$43.14
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