SpillNest Rail Berms & Mats

Railway loading zones and maintenance yards need protection from leaks and spills associated with locomotives and tanker cars. When a spill occurs, safety personnel must be able to quickly deploy containment solutions, whether it’s a sudden large-volume incident or a long-term leak from an engine.

Herbert Williams carries railroad spill containment berms, as well as spill containment mats for bottom loading and unloading rail tank cars. They are designed to capture both sudden spills and chronic seepage, without having to remove units from the rails.

At 80 lbs, the Eagle SpillNEST™ Rail Containment system is a lightweight, portable railroad berm that can be moved and set up by just one or two people. Made of heavy-duty PVC-coated fabric with sturdy closed-cell polyethylene (LLDPE) foam sidewalls, it can accommodate up to 120 gallons of hazardous liquid. Should a greater capacity be necessary, simply attach drain hoses to the two camlock outlet fittings and direct the contents to your preferred storage container. This compact railroad berm measures 4 feet by 6 feet and is one foot high, and its dual-sump design delivers protection on both sides of the rail it’s deployed on.

For leaks and seepage, look to Eagle’s 40-gallon rail containment mat. It offers generous coverage between rails and extends to either side of the track. This spill containment mat has an inside measurement of 56 inches, side rail margins that unroll to 16 inches on both sides, and a length of 35 feet. Constructed of black PVC coated fabric, it has no drain and weighs 56 pounds.

Railyards and maintenance areas are prime locations for accidental spills and leaks that damage the environment, rack up hefty fines, and pose a hazard to employees. Portable containment units keep your yard squared away and your people safe.

Take a look at our spill containment options and talk to our professional sales team at sales@herbertwilliams.com about choosing the right spill berms and spill containment mats for your company.

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