Drum Dispensing & Handling Equipment

Transporting hazardous materials stored in drums can be not only challenging, but also unsafe if the proper drum handling equipment isn’t used. With the right drum equipment accessories, including steel drum dollies, drum funnels, drum vents, and other safety storage accessories, you will have the comfortable, convenient, and safe options you need to transport and transfer hazardous materials at job sites.

Vertical drum pop-up gauges help prevent drum overfilling by warning you as waste disposal drums get close to capacity. Drum lock sets installed around the drum bung flange over the original bung ensure the contents are securely stored, while also preventing theft, pilfering, and sabotage. Another important piece of drum equipment to consider are drum vents. These offer emergency pressure relief in the event of a fire to avoid drum failure and other catastrophic consequences.

Our selection of drum handling equipment and accessories will give you the confidence you need to move, dispense, and store hazardous materials while greatly minimizing risks. We carry a comprehensive selection of spill containment equipment and drum handling equipment from Justrite Manufacturing. Sort through our products today or get in touch and we would be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

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  1. Drum Cover with Fusible Link for 55-gallon drum, self-close, steel, Red 26750

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