JUSTRITE Type I Steel Safety Can for flammables, 5 gallon, S/S flame arrester, self-close lid, Red - 7150100

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Type I Steel Safety Can for flammables, 5 gallon, S/S flame arrester, self-close lid, Red.
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Designed with a single spout for filling and pouring, the sealed lid features automatic positive-pressure relief that vents between 3 and 5 psi (0.2 and 0.35 bar) to guard against rupture or explosion.

Made from high-grade coated steel, each can is tested to guarantee 100% leakproof construction. The tough powder-coat finish resists chemicals and stands up to demands of rigorous use. Each Justrite safety can is equipped with a stainless steel flame arrester which dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition. Cans up to 1 quart (1L) feature a trigger-release handle, while larger capacities have a swinging handle to greatly ease carrying of heavier loads.

Use a Type I safety can funnel to pour into smaller openings. This polypropylene funnel attaches to the spout neck of Type I Safety cans that are sized 1-gallon (4L) and larger. The two-position funnel folds down for when you fill or store the can, and stays up for when you pour. Large rounded bowl provides protection from splashing and spillage. Durable construction holds up to heavy use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in a Type I & Type II Safety Can?

The Type I Safety Can has one opening that serves for both filling and dispensing. The Type II Safety Can has one opening dedicated to filling and a second spout opening dedicated to dispensing. The Type II Safety Can comes with an attached flexible hose and our exclusive AccuFlow manifold with Safe-Squeeze® trigger handle to provide the smooth and controlled pouring.
More Information
Material Specifications Steel
FM Approval Yes
NFPA Code 30 Compliance Yes
OSHA Compliance Yes
Dimensions, Exterior Height 16 7/8 Inches
Net Weight 6 Pounds

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