Restaurant Burn Kit, Large

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Restaurant Burn Kit, Large
Cool Blaze is a natural aloe base burn care product that is clear, odorless, effective and gentle. It is a must have item in every home, workplace and first aid kit.

Kit contains practical first aid items to treat minor burns and cuts
It cools, soothes and moisturizes skin
Provides immediate first aid relief for minor burns and cuts
Wall mountable for easy access and visibility
Easy to transport from home or office to vehicle
Packaged in a durable, hard cover case
Keep first aid kit stocked and nearby in the event of an emergency
The following contents are included in this kit:
2- Cool Blaze 1/8oz Gel Packet, 6/Box
1- Cool Blaze 4oz Gel, Squeeze Bottle
3- Cool Blaze 5cm x 15cm Burn Dressing
4- Cool Blaze 10cm x 10cm Burn Dressing
1- Plastic P16 Box, 24cm x 18cm x 8cm