Fire sprinkler systems are often the first line of defense in protecting property and valuable assets. The pendant sprinkler head is a mechanism for the detection of fire and delivery of water once fire is present.

Pendant sprinkler heads are installed facing downwards. They use a deflector to disperse water in a down-facing spray pattern over the protected area once activated. They are precision engineered using the highest quality materials and incorporate quick-react thermal responsive elements to ensure the fastest response time in critical situations.

Pendant sprinkler heads are commonly installed in finished ceiling applications and can blend in with a wide variety of architectural styles. A number of different models are available with varying temperature sensitivities, engineered and tested to address a variety of environments and activities being protected. Pendant sprinkler heads mainly come in either a brass, chrome or white finish.

Any sprinkler head which has been painted (other than factory applied) should be replaced. A supply of spare sprinkler heads should also be maintained to allow the quick replacement of any damaged or used sprinkler heads.

Maintenance of any system is the key to reliability and today's fire sprinkler heads meet the test for ease of inspection and maintenance. Omitting routine inspections and proper maintenance of sprinkler heads may result in equipment failure during a fire event.

Our trained expert sales staff are ready to work with you to ensure the best fire protection for your valuable assets. Call now if you have any questions or if we can prepare a quote based on your specifications. Our full line of fire control products can be found on our website. If you are maintaining, upgrading, or installing a fire protection system, give Herbert Williams the opportunity to provide outstanding service and products.

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