Column Protectors

Column protector or column guard help to minimize damage caused by the impact of fork trucks, tow motors, and other warehouse or logistics vehicles with I-beams and columns during everyday operations. These column guards provide a cushion that absorbs the force of impact, lowering the risk of damage to the column and the vehicles as well as helping to reduce the chance of personnel injury. Column protectors come in a variety of highly visible colours to assist in drawing attention to obstacles and hazards when moving and storing skids and pallets.

We offer a full range of Eagle column protectors in the following colours: yellow, lime, orange and red. Orange and lime protectors include reflective bands. Column guards are available in either 24” or 42” heights and come in a range of widths depending on the size of the I-Beam, column or post they are protecting. Column protectors can also be used to protect other vertical obstacles such as light poles and posts.

Eagle Manufacturing is renowned for its quality craftsmanship. Their column protectors are made from blow-molded 100% high-density polyethylene which is resistant to most chemicals. Column protectors come in two halves which are installed easily using the included straps (no tools required). A key-lock prevents slippage and assists with alignment.

Take a look at our selection of column protectors and other industrial safety products, and don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can help you choose the right product for your specific needs.

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