Fire Rated Doors

Fire-Rated Doors are engineered and manufactured for the purpose of allowing access or passage while open, but while closed, slow or stop the spread of flames or smoke in the event of a fire.

Fire-Rated Personnel Doors are often utilized in high occupany environemnts such as hotels, offices, schools and hospitals but can also be found in warehousing and manufacturing facilities where the threat of a fire exits. They are constructed of durable galvanized steel and contain vertical stiffeners that provide extra strength and durability. Fire-rated capability is achieved via internal insulation. These doors help protect occupants from spreading flames and or smoke providing more time to exit safely.

Fire-Rated Access Doors provide access to areas of a facility that are infrequently used. These areas include, concealed electrical connections, plumbing, or HVAC equipment. Sometimes these areas need to be protected from flames and smoke penetration and Fire-Rated Access Doors provide that insulation.

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