2.5" Brass Cap CSA Pin Lug with Chain - CAP-B-250C-PL

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CAP-B Series - Brass Cap - 2.5" Female Pin Lug Cap CSA with Chain
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CAP-B Series - Brass Cap - 2.5" Female Pin Lug Cap CSA with Chain Click on the PDF TAB above to review the Standard Canadian Thread Sizes, Types and Steps on How to Measure Your Threads.

NFC, supply high quality Brass Threaded Fittings shipping out of our warehouse the next day. We make it easy for you to purchase Brass Threaded Fittings in one location via our online store where we stock various types of fittings ranging from ¾” size to 3” in diameter.


NFC supplies a variety of cast brass fittings. Brass castings are well suited for applications where properties such as durability, corrosion resistance and appearance are important.


Brass Fire Threaded Fittings can also be referred to as Double Females, Doubles Males, Reducers, Increasers, Caps and Plugs. NPT thread, Tapered Iron Pipe Thread is sometime referred as a Nipple. Other references for Brass Fittings are; Brass Fire Hydrant Adapter, Female to Male Hex, Double Male Hex Nipple, Brass Female Swivel to Male Hex.

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer (often a power hammer) or a die.

Casting is a process where the metal is melted before going into a mold. The metal pours into the mold and solidifies as it cools. The control of the molten metal temperature is critical. Likewise, the quality of the metal being melted must be controlled so that no impurities get into the molten metal.

MATERIAL Brass Forged 37700



NFC stocks all Canadian Provincial Fire Threads. Standard threads include BAT, WCT, CSA, QST, NSZ1, NH, NPSH.


High quality swivel gaskets are lathe cut ozone free EPDM.


B35 Series – Female Swivel Rocker Lug x Female Swivel - Rocker Lug.
B36H Series – Male Provincial Thread x Male Provincial Thread - Hex.
B37 Series – Female Solid Thread Pin Lug x Male Provincial Thread.
B37H Series– Female Solid Thread x Male Provincial Thread - Hex.
B53 Series – Female Swivel Pin Lug x Female NPT.
B54 Series – Female Swivel Pin Lug x Male Brass Hex.
CAP Series – Female Threaded Cap with Chain.
PLUG Series – Male Threaded Plug with Chain.