Fire Alarm System 8 Zone Panel White

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Fire Alarm System 8 Zone Panel White

Fire Alarm System 8 Zone Panel

Mircom’s FA-1008KADS Fire Alarm Control Unit is
a microprocessor based unit designed for maximum
flexibility and easy installation. Fully configurable
from the front panel using the push buttons and DIP
switches, it enables the user to configure the system
to meet their specific requirements.
The FA-1008KADS consists of one MCC-1024-6ADS
Main Chassis in a UB-1024DS back box with a DOX1024DS door. The MCC-1024-6ADS Main Chassis
comes complete with 8 Class B (Style B) Initiating
Circuits which may be configured as 4 Class A (Style
D) Circuits. It can be expanded up to 24 Class B
or 12 Class A circuits with the addition of the DM1008A Initiating Circuit Module. In addition it comes
equipped with 4 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating
circuits which are each rated at 1.7 Amps. The
Main Chassis also includes a 6 Amp Power Supply
which powers the system and supplies two 4-wire
resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 VDC
200mA maximum each.
The MCC-1024-6ADS also allows for the addition of
two SGM-1004A Signal Modules or two RM-1008A
Relay modules in place of the DM-1008A Initiating
Circuit Adder Modules. (Maximum of 3 Adder modules)
The backbox provides space for up to 18 AH Gel
Cell batteries.

FA-100KADS (255.51 kB)