Fire Extinguishers

Each day, fire extinguishers are relied upon to put out small and big fires, keeping families, businesses, and properties safe along the way. Depending on the nature of your business and your unique needs, the right fire extinguisher for someone else may not be the right fire extinguisher for you.

Often, a fire extinguisher is all it takes to stop a small fire from turning into a big disaster. Do you know the type of fire extinguisher that's right for your business? We can help you find it. Fire extinguishers aren't all designed for the same type of fire, which is why we carry and stock a number of different fire extinguishers to make sure all of your bases are covered. Whether you need an ABC Dry Chemical (Multi-Purpose) fire extinguisher or Clean Agent fire extinguisher, there is an option that's right for every business and every type of fire. We carry fire extinguishers from 2.5 LB to 350 LB sizes from Amerex, Ansul, InControl Systems Inc., and Strike First Corporation. We also carry a comprehensive selection of other fire safety equipment and fire extinguisher accessories including fire extinguisher cabinets, inspection tags, fire extinguisher covers, fire extinguisher arrow signs, pull pins, wall brackets, and more.

All fire extinguishers sold by Herbert Williams come inspected and fully certified for 1 year. Call us today and we can help you find the fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher accessories best suited for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Extinguishers

What are my shipping options for fire extinguishers?

Since fire extinguishers are pressurized containers, certain considerations must be undertaken when shipping them and they must be handled carefully. They can only be shipped via ground service. Our network of carrier partners enables us to offer a wide range of delivery options, including: ● Dock-to-Door ● Dock-to-Dock ● Tailgate Required ● Appointment Required ● Inside Delivery Required ● Rush Orders ● Special Instructions. Shipping damage, missing items, and problems with your order must be reported to Herbert Williams Fire Equipment Ltd. within 1 business day of receipt of any shipment. Damages must be accompanied by a signed bill of lading that acknowledges the damage.

What is the price range for fire extinguishers?

While the old adage says "you can't put a price on safety", fire protection equipment does carry a price tag. Our selection of fire extinguishers range from affordable, smaller 2 LB handheld fire extinguishers to higher prices for larger wheeled units.

What brands of fire extinguishers does Herbert Williams carry?

Herbert Williams carries a wide range of portable fire extinguishers suitable for both vehicles and commercial and industrial buildings. They range in size from 2 LB handheld fire extinguishers to 350 LB wheeled units. We carry fire extinguisher brands from the following manufacturers Amerex, Ansul, Incontrol Systems Inc, Kidde, Strike First Corporation.

How to use a fire extinguisher: four easy steps.

In the heat of the moment, it's easy to freeze up and forget how to use a fire extinguisher, even if you're familiar with the fire extinguishers in your work area. PASS is a handy acronym that helps you move past the panic and remember what you need to do in the event of a fire: Pull the ring pin at the top of the extinguisher so you can release the handle. Aim the hose or nozzle at the base of the flames, making sure you're 8 - 10 feet away from the fire. Squeeze the trigger or top handle firmly. Sweep the spray in a side-to-side pattern at the base of the fire until it goes out. Be sure you know what type and class of material is burning and use the correct fire extinguisher type to try and fight it. Always leave yourself a clear path to safety, and if the flames are taller than you, it's time to get out and wait for the fire department to arrive on scene. As you evacuate, make sure to pull the fire alarm if you haven't already done so and call the fire department when you're safe.

Do I have to inspect and maintain a fire extinguisher?

Per the Ontario Fire Code, you must regularly inspect and maintain your portable fire extinguishers so they're ready to deploy in the event of a fire. Each year, you are required to have your fire extinguishers inspected by a professional fire protection company to stay in compliance. They can identify and perform regularly scheduled maintenance as well as other non-foreseeable problems. Test intervals vary according to the type of extinguishers you have, so consult with a professional fire protection company to set up an inspection schedule that keeps you in compliance. Every month, you should visually check to make sure your fire extinguishers are in proper working order. At a minimum, go through this basic checklist: ● Location: ○ Are the fire extinguishers where they're supposed to be? ○ Are your fire extinguishers mounted according to the height requirements stipulated in your area's Fire Code? ○ Are your fire extinguishers easily accessible? ■ Can they be reached from the area they're meant to protect. ■ Free of obstructions. ■ Their location is clearly marked. ● Condition: ○ Are the fire extinguisher mounting brackets fastened securely and well-supported? ○ Is the locking ring pin in place? ○ Is the seal intact? ○ Does the gauge read green or fully charged? ○ Is the discharge opening or nozzle clear of obstructions? ○ Is the cylinder damaged, dented, corroded, or rusting? ○ Has the fire extinguisher been tampered with? ○ Are the operating instructions facing outward, clear, and easy to read? ○ Is the fire extinguisher class clearly marked? ○ Are the tires and chassis of wheeled units in good shape? ● Testing and Record Keeping: ○ Is there a written record that includes: ■ Serial numbers, ■ Type of extinguishers, ■ Locations, ■ Inspection dates, ■ Description of tests, ■ Test results, ■ Date of next inspection, ■ Date of annual service, ■ Inspector's signature, ■ Comments, ■ Information on how to reach your fire equipment servicing company. ○ Is the Inspection tag attached to the fire extinguisher and undamaged? ○ Does the inspection tag show: ■ Dates of inspection, ■ Inspector's signature/initials, ■ Serial number of fire extinguisher.

Where should I keep my fire extinguishers?

Employees must be able to reach fire extinguishers easily and quickly in the event of a fire. Each workplace may have different fire hazards or even multiple fire hazards throughout the facility. Buildings are designated as Light-Hazard Occupancy, Ordinary-Hazard Occupancy, and Extra-Hazard Occupancy. These designations carry different requirements for how many fire extinguishers you need in a work space, always consult with a professional fire protection company. ● Class A: Used in areas that have ordinary combustible materials, like wood, paper, rubber, plastic, or cloth. Install these in places like offices, classrooms, and assembly halls. ● Class B: Used for flammable liquids, like gasoline, paints, oils, and grease. Place these in workshops, garages, storage areas, warehouses, and service or manufacturing areas. ● Class C: Used for live electrical equipment, like fuse boxes, server rooms, and wherever energized electrical equipment is located. ● Class D: Used for combustible metals in areas that generate metal powders, shavings, or flakes. ● Class K: Used in commercial cooking areas to put out oil and fat/grease fires.