Ansul Redline Wheeled Fire Extinguishers (Dry Chemical)

Wheeled fire extinguishers come with a number of benefits, including an increased capacity for fire suppression agents, higher agent flow rates, extended discharge times. Primarily, they work in bigger areas on bigger fires.

These dry chemical wheeled fire extinguishers can be an excellent multi-purpose option for use in a number of facilities. These units are appropriate anywhere there is a potential of a large-scale fire, including:

  • Steel mills
  • Loading docks
  • Airports/Heliports
  • Factories
  • Full depots
  • Workshops

They are available in ABC, BC and Purple K formats. Although these extinguishers tend to have a greater capacity, they are still relatively compact and can normally be operated by one person. Large diameter wheels make these extinguishers easy to maneuver, and a fast-opening valve allows for quick actuation. As always, it’s incredibly important that employees are well-trained on best practices with this type of equipment and properly trained on safe usage for wheeled extinguishers. We carry 50 LB and 125 LB ABC stored pressure wheeled extinguishers from Amerex and 150LB and 350LB cartridge operated wheeled units from Ansul. We can help you decide which fire extinguisher is right for your needs and help ensure you are compliant with local safety regulations. Contact us today to get started.