ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring Kits

A well-engineered and properly designed fire and smoke detection system is essential when it comes to protecting your employees and your valuable assets.

Herbert Williams offers ULC fire alarm monitoring kits from the most respected and dependable manufacturers in the industry. Choose between systems from Resideo or DSC for your fire protection needs - both offer comprehensive and well-engineered monitoring systems to meet your detection, alarm, and notification requirements.

Resideo is a world-class manufacturer of fire alarm monitoring systems for both residential and commercial applications. Combine your fire and burglary protection systems into one centralized monitoring system with the most advanced software controls, versatility to meet the needs of a small office or large manufacturing plant, and reliable functionality ensuring your assets are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We also offer a selection of DSC fire alarm system monitors. The DSC Neo kit has everything you need to monitor your fire alarm system, using the latest cellular and dual internet communication capabilities to ensure that any problem or alarm is quickly and efficiently transmitted. The Neo system from DSC is compatible with almost all types and styles of detectors, giving you the versatility to tailor your alarm system to your business needs.

If you need to upgrade your current fire alarm monitoring system or you are installing a new one, Herbert Williams can provide you with thefire equipment you need and the expertise to provide the best protection available. Contact our knowledgeable sales team with any questions you may have about our products.