Double Cylinder Hand Trucks

Double cylinder gas hand trucks are most commonly used to safely store and transport oxy-acetylene welding tanks, but can also transport any other compressed gas cylinders. The design of each frame is engineered to accommodate cylinders used for industrial, commercial, medical, manufacturing, construction, and food-processing applications.

Firewall double gas cylinder hand trucks are perfect for situations where oxy-acetylene cylinders will be stored on the hand truck for longer than 24 hours. They come with a built-in steel firewall that establishes a barrier between the two cylinders and protects them, making it harder for fires or explosions to occur.

Justrite Manufacturing has a wide range of OSHA-compliant hand trucks, so you’re sure to find the perfect double gas cylinder hand truck for your company. Features that make the difference depends on what you’re looking for.

V-shaped support cradles make it harder for cylinders to roll out of a double cylinder gas hand truck. Large pneumatic wheels make moving heavy loads easier and are more forgiving on uneven terrain. Thick 11-gauge steel floor plates with safety fins give you a strong base to work from and safety chains or polypropylene support straps are a must.

In addition to features found on general hand trucks, a welding-specific double cylinder hand truck needs a robust firewall to maintain safe conditions. Other options to consider include zero-lift height loading, thick hoist plates, and corrosion-resistant powder coating.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive dual-cylinder hand truck that works well for general use or a high-end hand truck specialized for welding, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. Take a look at our gas cylinder storage options and reach out to any of our helpful team members for questions about equipment or assistance in choosing the best option for your company.

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