One-Hour Fire Barriers

Designed to prevent heat, smoke, and fire from spreading easily, the right fire containment barrier can make the difference between a controllable fire and a total loss.

One-hour fire barrier is a barrier that, for at least an hour, impedes a fire’s ability to pass and reduces the amount of heat transfer. It has to maintain its structural integrity during the test and at the end of an hour, there needs to be a substantial amount of material left. Continuity is another important factor. If your fire 1-hour fire barrier has gaps, it’s no longer giving you that crucial hour to get the fire under control.

When storing fuels and oxidizers near each other, you should add one-hour fire barrier panels between mounting brackets, barricade racks, and stands to meet or exceed OSHA, NFPA 55, and CGA standards. You can also mount the panels to exterior walls and flooring, using the pre-drilled mounting holes and included fasteners. Lift hook plates help position the panels during installation.

Justrite Manufacturing offers 1-hour fire barriers in a variety of sizes, covering spaces that are one, two, and four cylinders deep. The panels are constructed by sandwiching Marinite® I between welded steel panels. Marinite® I is structural insulation made from calcium silicate with inert fillers and incombustible materials that reinforce structural integrity. It’s fire-resistant, asbestos-free, doesn’t corrode, and resists water saturation.

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