Single Cylinder Hand Trucks

Prevent accidents and injuries with the right safety equipment. Choose a single gas cylinder hand truck that’s strong, durable, and built to last. Constructed from continuously welded steel tubing that’s between 25 mm to 32 mm in diameter, these hand trucks are completely powder coated for a finish that stands up to the harshest environments.

Justrite Manufacturing offers a wide range of hand trucks, including single-cylinder hand trucks engineered specifically for cryogenic cylinders. Easily maneuver gas cylinders around your facility or construction site, up flights of stairs, and into awkward spaces. Ergonomic handles and zero-lift height loading reduce back strain and eliminate the need to lift unwieldy bottles for transport.

Heavy-duty gas cylinder trucks come in a variety of sizes and shapes to securely transport cylinders from workstation to storage unit. Look for sturdy 11-gauge floor plates with safety fins and v-shaped support cradles that counteract the cylinder’s natural tendency to roll out of the hand truck. Steel cinch buckles or safety straps provide an additional layer of security when transporting compressed gas bottles. Protect your workers with a single gas cylinder hand truck designed to meet OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA standards.

Take a look at our comprehensive selection of gas cylinder storage options to make sure your workers are protected and your facility or site is in compliance with local and national laws. As always, our team is happy to answer any questions about which single gas cylinder hand truck option is best for your company.

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