VaporTrap Drum Cover with Gasket and port for 55G drum, manual-close, optional padlock, steel, Red.

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Waste Disposal Safety Containers
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VaporTrapâ„¢ Lid No. 26754 controls odors and vapors with a gasketed lid and gasketed 4-3/4" (121mm) easy-access port. This allows for fast discards of smaller containers such as used lubricants, motor oils and additives, as well as products used in retail settings such as non-reusable cosmetics and demonstration colognes. A safety vent relieves pressure buildup at elevated temperatures. Manual-latching lid is designed to accept an optional padlock to minimize access to contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fire resistant is your Oily Waste Can?

Justrite Oily Waste Cans (OWC) are manufactured galvanized steel a fire resistant material as required by OSHA 1926.252(e). But there is more to an OWC design than that. The OWC self-closing lid limits the inside of the OWC of the oxygen that is required to support combustion. The self-closing lid guards the contents from sparks or other heat sources. Oily rags can create an exothermic chemical reaction from the polymerization of oil drying in the absence of air. This is a chemical reaction known to start fires. Always store oily rags in an approved OWC.

Can I use poly liner bags in my Justrite Oily Waste Can?

We discourage the use of liner bags in Oily Waste Cans (OWC). The liner can interfere with the OWC's lid fully closing. A liner can also create a path for an oxygen supply to the bottom of the can. Both conditions defeat the purpose the self-close lid and its ability to deprive the container of oxygen, which inhibits combustion.
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Material Specifications Steel
FM Approval Yes
OSHA Compliance Yes
Net Weight 11 Pounds