Fire Alarm Systems & Devices

Fire detection devices save lives and protect properties every day. Whether in a condominium, a warehouse, an institution or other indoor public space, fire alarm systems use a combination of heat and smoke detecting devices to identify the presence of a fire and warn occupants and emergency services. Using bells, horns and strobe lights, the system immediately alerts building occupants that there is a fire, giving them the time they need evacuate and get somewhere safe.

Fire alarm systems help keep your employees and customers safe while also protecting your property and ensuring compliance with local laws.

As a trusted fire alarm supplier in Canada, we carry a number of fire alarm panels and devices from Mircom and Potter, including:

Proper installation, preventative maintenance and inspection of your fire alarm system is key in ensuring that your fire protection system is doing what it was engineered to do. Choose from, monthly, or annual services, as well as 24-hour emergency support from our dedicated team seven days a week. Annual fire alarm inspections are required under the Ontario Fire Code as per CAN/ULC-S536 standards.

Browse our selection of fire alarm devices to find what you are looking for or call us today and we would be happy to help.