If you’re in the market for a new CCTV video surveillance system and are looking for a free site assessment of your property, our team of experts at Herbert Williams is here for you. We can provide direction and recommendations for a quality CCTV security camera system, and will work closely with you to design a system that will fit your needs and budget and give you the level of video surveillance you require.

Video surveillance and smart event notifications can offer many benefits to a building owner. A properly designed security camera system can give you the peace of mind that, should an incident take place on your property, it will be captured on camera. In addition, a video surveillance system can act as a deterrent against theft, intrusion, and insurance claims.

A CCTV Security Camera System consists of multiple cameras that can capture and transmit video (and audio) to a Network or Digital Video Recorder (NVR or DVR), which records the footage and displays it to a monitor or network-connected device. These systems are typically used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

On the other hand, cloud-based video surveillance is a widely accepted trend in the security camera industry. This solution moves all your video management and storage to a cloud-based server and eliminates needing a physical server or NVR/ DVR at your premises. All that is required is a video surveillance security gateway – or, you can also run a hybrid model.

Herbert Williams specializes in implementing thermal and fire detection IP security cameras. Thermal cameras can sense an object's heat radiation, capturing images 24/7 regardless of environmental factors. In addition, these cameras have lenses that can operate for surveillance and thermal applications.


Herbert Williams offers the following types of security camera systems:


 IP or Analog Security Cameras – Wide variety of styles and configurations depending on application and premises. Types of cameras include dome, bullet, PTZ, and other specialty cameras, including 360 and 180 degrees.

 Thermal Heat/Fire Detection Cameras – Heat Pro Series Thermal Cameras boast perimeter protection with unparalleled accuracy and fire prevention with superlative sensitivity

 IP Network Video Recorder (NVR) - An NVR is a computer system that records and stores the captured video footage. A software program will also help the user manage, record, and display video in NVRs.

 Digital Hybrid Video Recorder (DVR) – A Hybrid DVR/NVR system allows you to use your existing legacy cameras and new IP cameras. This makes the transition to IP POE cameras seamless and more cost-efficient.

 IP Security Gateway – Cloud-based video surveillance. An accessory device connected to your system and an excellent option to allow the end user to store data on a backup cloud server.



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