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We service and Install all types of fire suppression systems. From Carbon Dioxide, FM200, Dry Chemical to Kitchen Suppression, we can meet all of your requirements.

Your employees, productivity, and property all depend on a properly functioning fire suppression system. A failure of any kind can be potentially devastating and costly.

Let us ensure your protection by providing you the proper maintenance and inspections needed to keep your fire suppression system in compliance with all applicable provincial fire codes. According to NFPA, any work on a fire suppression system is to be done by a trained individual who has undergone the necessary training required to perform the maintenance and recharge service as per manufacturers’ instructions.

Our highly skilled factory trained technicians work in cooperation with our Fire Protection Systems group to ensure full compliance in the inspection and commissioning of fire suppression and detection systems. Our technicians are proud members of the following organisations:


FSSA (Fire Suppression Systems Association)

CFAA (Canadian Fire Alarm Association)

Suppression systems require maintenance inspections every six months.




Fire Suppression Systems are an important asset to the protection of your organisation but building the right system for your company can be a daunting task.

We have a team of trained professionals who are qualified to design a system for yourcompany. If you already have a system designed, our mobile team is also qualified to provide installation on an existing design or provide verification or service on any installed fire suppression system


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