Herbert Williams Fire Equipment Ltd. is a ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) listed company that delivers fire monitoring services from our ULC-listed Signals Receiving Centre. Our ULC fire monitoring systems are ideal for facilities such as schools, hospitals, multi-unit residential buildings, or any commercial building that is required to be monitored under the Ontario Fire Code. In addition, ULC monitoring can be installed to monitor new or existing fire alarm systems (panels) and stand-alone fire sprinkler systems.


CAN/ULC-S561 is the standard for fire alarm monitoring. To verify that your facility is achieving this standard, you must be able to provide your ULC Certificate to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or Insurance Company. Only a ULC Certified monitoring company can produce and issue a ULC Certificate. The only physical evidence that the monitoring equipment installation and service at your facility adheres to the CAN/ULC-S561 standard is the ULC certificate.

Alarm companies must stick to an established standard by the ULC before they can be listed as eligible for fire alarm monitoring. This standard offers the necessary requirements and guidance for response times, power supplies, security levels, staffing, and etc.

ULC Certification informs Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and insurance companies that you have installed, tested, and maintained your monitoring system to the best standard.

The ULC lists monitoring companies immediately after they are certified to show their compliance with ULC standards. Monitoring companies can only issue their ULC certificates after completing their evaluation process. These certificates are typically given when a body requests them to ensure they obey the National Standard. 


The benefits of a ULC system include, but are not limited to, the following:

 A ULC Certification states that the facility is inspected by a qualified technician annually and audited by ULC auditors. Generally, they make sure the system complies with ULC standards and guidelines.

 The monitoring provider is devoted to following specific alarm response protocols, and failure to uphold these standards may incur certain penalties. 

 A ULC system offers better prospects of enhancing insurance benefits and minimizing premiums.

 ULC certification shows that the Listed alarm service company has checked, tested, and maintained the installation

 Our station is ULC listed for fire and burglary, with expertly trained and courteous staff.


Our station is ULC listed for fire and burglary, with expertly trained and courteous staff.

We offer shared-listing ULC accounts which are set up following ULC regulations.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch when assisting our customers.



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